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Hockey Stick Stripes w/ NO rocker paint?

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I'm thinking about changing my '73 Mach 1 stripes to hockey sticks since my car has a '71 front end. I've already committed to blacking out the hood like a Boss 351.


I can't decide if hockey stick stripes would look good without the rocker panels painted black. What do you all think? Does anyone have pics of cars with hockey sticks but no rocker paint?

1973 Mach 1 Q-code C6 3:50

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It doesn't look half bad, depending on the overall look of the car. Here's one from an online add but it does have painted rocker panel moldings.






Here's one I really like a lot!!! Again it has rocker panel moldings.



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I didn't paint my rockers either and I prefer the look.

1971 Mustang fastback: 10.3:1 C90E 408W hydroller - CDAN4 EEC-V w/EDIS8, girdled, lowered and caged

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