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new guy from Lincoln, Nebraska

auto doug

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I think I know you. I went to a class a few years ago at your shop. You had some very interesting stangs in there you were working on a real custom 69 FB (if I remember) Kind of looked like the one in the first picture.



If you ain't afraid (even a little) then you ain't going fast enough!

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Hello I just joined this site since I'm a bit of a Mustang nut! and have been since 1977. At 12 yrs old my brothers & I bought a 66 Mustang coupe for 25 bucks and drug it home with the Farm-All tractor. By time I was a senior in High School 1981 I had had a handful of Mustangs, and now 52 yrs old I have owned and restored over hundred or so classic Mustangs! But I'll never forget my Friday High school driver I bought it for $4,100.00 bucks and it was still like new! Yes it was the coveted 71 Mach 1 429 CJ auto fully loaded light Pewter, Ram Air car! Imagine today seeing a 17 yr old kid driving one of those burning the tires leaving a school parking lot for a few blocks! and then cruising all night long up and down the strip, racing Buick GS's Hemi Challenger's, & 454 chevell's etc! It was true madness with .76 cent gasoline! Poor kids these days all they have is an I-phone!

Now a days you can find me at my restoration shop Auto Kraft Body & Paint Inc. training the next generation gear heads to be just as rowdy and talented. Few years back I developed the Roller Hoop rotisserie to help aid in doing restoration work be sure to check it out sometime if your doing serious resto work. Currently we have about 10 restorations in the works and one is a very rusty 72 USA Sprint edition fastback that we are in the process of a full rotisserie restoration on I post pictures now & then.



Doug Kielian

Auto Kraft body & paint inc.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Out of Lincoln Nebraska, a real photographer with the cars, especially the mustangs, Royce Kugler (on facebook) to check out when you are ready for a photo-shoot. (Even does calendars)
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