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Anyone have a Pertonix Ignitor II go bad on them? I recently had an intermittent starting issue. Replaced gas filter and car started. Two days later same issue. Replaced coil and it started and ran good for two days. Tried today and won't start again. Bought a spark tester and not getting spark. I then replaced the cap and rotor ans still won't start. The only things left are the Pertronix and the distributor.


Any way to check the Ingnitor II?


Any help appreciated.

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Yes. I had one completely quit. I did the same thing you did and replaced just about everything in the ignition system. I switched back to points and the car started right up. Bought a new Pertronix module and the car started right up. The old unit went bad. Unknown why, it had worked for over two years.

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They warn against leaving the ignition key on with the engine not running. That will cause the pertronix to burn out.

I think they solved that issue with the pertronix III, but I'm not certain.

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