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Dark, medium or ginger ginger

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I'm a little bit confused, what is the right "ginger" Color for my interior quarter panels? The VIN is GF "Ginger Sebring Knit/Corinthian Vinyl Bucket

Seats" but there are different ginger colors available "medium, dark and ginger ginger".


Do I need vinyl paint for the panels?


Thx from europe, Ben

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I can't give you a definitive answer, but I used the Dark Ginger on a console for my car and it is much darker than the factory parts.


My car is a 73, but I previously owned a 72 Coupe with the Ginger interior and my recollection is that the colors were the same-though 20 years and lots of life in between makes my memory less than a dependable source.


Hopefully this narrows it down a bit


SEM brand does a great job of covering, though until it dries it looks blotchy and you'll think you screwed up. They make a prep that is supposed to be used before painting and it works very well.



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I have a two 72 with CF interior and a 73 with ginger and both appear to be the same color for plastic, dash and dash pad. Of course the 73 has the Mach 1 sports interior so seats are different material.

I have found two different materials for the inserts in the Mach 1 seats also.

I think all the hard plastic, door panels, console, dash pad and paint on the steel dash are the same. One color not a light and dark.

The pics in the Mach 1 is an original car that has not been cleaned in over 30 years so seats would be a little darker if cleaned.





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in restoring my interior I found out that "Medium Ginger" fits best. Dark Ginger was too dark. The problem is that the ginger color was applied on many different materials in the inside and thanks to ultraviolet light from the sun it colored out in different shades. You have to try medium ginger and dark ginger on an example material to see what looks best. Here are some pictures from my interior - I recolored the dashboard and it's pad, the sides of the center console with the gauges. The center console was recolored two, also the quarter panels from the previous owner, these are not the original colors. The side panels are reproductions from Don from Ohio Mustang to save the original panels which are quite good. Steering wheel, all the small side panels, the rest of the dashboard, steering column and the seats are original colored.












I used the Scott Drake spray can paint which you can buy at very low prices from Summit. They were very easy to apply!



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I use both. I spray the dark first, completely covering the part, then while it's still wet I mist it from about 30" away. I mist it in to get a variety of colors and textures. I have had good luck with the process.

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I do not know for what purpose your are doing your restorations. The pictures I put in are of an unrestored original that has been in the dark for over 30 years so no sun fade. The parts inside the car and outside came from many different manufacturers. Yes they had standards for colors but you know how that goes back then. Each part inside the car from a different supplier is a different color. A car done with everything same color will not represent an original car.

I guess the saying it is only original once applies and what ever comes out after that is not original.

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