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Do-it-yourself elk hunt?


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I am just curious to see who might have any info on an elk hunt. I have heard Colorado was the place to go (I'm sure there are other states as well. Just what I've heard). Anyway, I am more than willing to take my bow but I was really thinking of taking one with my rifle the first time. Does anyone have any info on where to go?



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Some friends from church go every year and have for decades. Its a family tradition. the go some place near steamboat springs( i think), They hunt private land and pay to hunt, its expensive and they get a deal because they have been going for decades. I have a cousin who has gone and hunted public land, elk are fewer on that land is what i have gathered. The friends from church always come back with multiples. The cousin, I don't believe they have ever brought one back. Just thought I would chime in, Im not a hunter but I am a supporter of the sport. My cousin always used to say that the private land hunts were they way to go if you could pay out the sums of money.


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My buddy goes to Colorado every year. Him and a couple of guys go near Durango on public land. They camp out up in the mountains for 2 weeks every year in tents. They always go during archery season. They got a really nice one last year. They have been going to the same spot for the past 13 years.

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I did 5 or 6 hunts in N.W. Montana up near Glacier National Park. They put so many wolfs, lions, bears and coyotes back in there the elk and deer are now gone. We use to hunt and see hundreds of deer but last time me and son went in 90's we hunted two weeks and saw one buck. Alaska was also a disappointment.

Have a friend that bow hunts New Mexico and has pretty good success.

Me I just gave up on U.S. and started going to Africa. It cost less and you see so much more. You can hunt over 30 different species not just deer and elk. I have 8 animals that qualify for world record books and the most I paid for any of them was $1,000. A Kudu that was # 25 in the books when I took it. There is no season, no limits no license and you can hunt when you want. June, July and August is their winter and the best time to go.

It was fun in the west U.S. 25 below zero in snow chest deep at times but it was not hunting like it use to be. I took white tailed deer over 150" and can send pic but does not interest me anymore since Africa. I have been 14 trips to Africa and will go next year. I save up my credit card air miles and go for about $75.00 round trip to South Africa. I have taken my son twice and my oldest granddaughter that took three animals that would qualify for record books if she wanted to pay to have them entered.

The western U.S. is ok but not like the Garden of Eden in Africa. We actually have one member on the Forum in South Africa doing a coupe restoration that I am helping him find parts for.

You think you are a hunter until you go walk with one of the bushmen They can track faster than you can walk, just natural for them.

I can send you links to see some slide show if you like. Great fun for whole family, wife will love seeing the animals. No bugs no mosquitoes, great food and friendly people.


When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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