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John J

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Hi John,


Whatever the final selling prices, you can bet that it will be BIG money for sure. Might even break that 2.25 Mill record!


I must confess, i love these cars, Challengers too, but what bugs me is that the big money revolves around the small numbers made of Cudas and Challengers. I often wonder what the selling prices would be if the same number of Cudas and Challengers were made as the 123 Mustang Convertibles.


I guess it's the old golden rule - the rarer the car, the more it's worth.



:whistling: LORD, MR FORD - JERRY REED

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I love Cudas, also as coupes. I think their proportions are just right, especially the 71s with the four headlights and the gills on the fenders.

I almost bought a 73 when I was in Florida for Christmas last year but I did not have the time to go and take a good look at it.

I know that you want a 70-71 and not a 73 but the body is still the same, even though the tail lights are different.

I kinda wish I had not let that opportunity pass.

"If I were you...... I´d rather be me." 😛
Check out my video:

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Great looking cars, but I don't get why some are $20k and some are a million. Ok, some are rarer / higher performance, but makes no sense to me why there is such a variation in price.


Hi Mark,


I really think it does come down to absolute rarity of a popular model car, and the mystique around these vert models as such, but i also think the whole concept is stupid as well.


Super rich men's toys and ego bragging rights for a select few i'm afraid.Like i said, would they fetch the same sort of money if many were made in the day?



:whistling: LORD, MR FORD - JERRY REED

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