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14 inch mag 500s and clearance issues brake caliper

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well I have a problem,,,,


for the last 20 years I have been running a set of painted 14 inch magnum 500s with trim rings, no issues


for the past few years I have been thinking about getting a set of chrome magnums to replace them, this Christmas I was surprised by a set of chrome magnums, 14 inch with the same offset as the painted ones I have been running for years.


I bought a new set of 14 inch TA's 2 years ago so I am alright with the 14 inch size,


The problem came when I went to have the wheels balanced, I ask the guys at the shop to balance them with no weights on the outside if they could, they road force balanced them and used standard knock on weights on the inside rim and stick on weights on the inside closer to the middle of the wheel,,,,


I hauled the rims and tires over there in the bed of my truck,, when I got home and put them on the car well crud,,,, the stick on weights hit the brake rotors,,,,,


are the 14 inch what I should be running??? after mounting tires on the there is no way I could send them back and I already have the set of newish tires anyway,,,,


and are there any lower profile brake calipers out there that would be a quick fix?

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Well, I put original Ford 14 inch magnums off of a Torino on my Mach back in the 80's. My car was a drum all around car at that time. I loaded P245-14 BF Goodrich radial TA's on them and had a problem with the tires rubbing on the frame rail behind the wheel on turns. I ran them with 1/4 inch wheel spacers for the next 20 years and did not hit the frame anymore. I did NOT try them over calipers at that time, I assumed that 71's needed the 15 inchers since that was the only option in Magnum 500 for our cars.

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I also have a set of 14" torino magnums on a 72 Q vert with disc brakes and nothing hitting but no stick on weights. I would go back and just put the weights on the outside. I know it is a pain to break the tires off and rotate to a different location and see if that helps the balance.


When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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How much weight is there? It shouldn't be much.

Why not just remove the stick on weights from the front rims for now.

See how it rides. If you have vibration, then get them rebalanced.



Hey we need pictures

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Thanks for the advice guys,,,


I pulled the stick on weights from the fronts and drove the car some, there was a pretty bad vibration from 55-65 in the front so since it was a nice sunny day I just kept going and drove the hour to the shop where I had them balanced,,, they worked me in right away and balanced the whole set again using just rim weights on the inside,,, they had already road force balanced them yesterday and rotated the tires to the best possible location on the wheel. They ride pretty well now, their is a faint tremor at a couple of speeds but no speed where you spend any time,,, well worth it to have no weights showing.


A huge thanks to Greg's Tire & Service Center in Otto NC,,, very nice shop and very nice people.


On the way home I ran HW 28 between Franklin NC and Bryson City NC and the TA Radials handle better than I thought they would,,, I know that road well and it's a good road to see how a tire performs

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