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National Mustang Day -2016


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Cool! I haven't heard back from anybody yet, but I'll bug 'em again and let you know what I find out.


Any chance of an update? My iPhone just reminded me we're only a week out...

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I hope to head to Charlotte to the big show at the track April 7-10. Always find some good buys at the shows seems the prices are better than on eBay.

Hope to drive the yellow 73 vert on it's first long trip.

Here is link to the show. http://www.charlotte-autofair.com/

There is well over 100 acres of parts and cars all around the track. It is for sure more than a one day event. I use to sell there but too much trouble to load the stuff up anymore.

Let me know if anyone wants to meet up there.



Hope you're enjoying the show, it was a good one the last time I went.

Had a lot of cars, parts, auction, and food. Been too long, I need to get there this fall.

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Not doing anything with cars but I am finalizing the layout of the garage to place the order next week. Got to pull some cash out of 401 to get this garage up and going so my son won't have any money to spend, lol. Been a year since started planning and had several life changing events that put a halt to it but going to have it up this summer. The county approved the 50' X 80' garage with provisions for a one bedroom apartment. Got all the permits for building and septic, they actually gave me extensions on them due to all the issues. I have three quotes on the site work within a few hundred dollars of each other so I feel good about their quotes. What is shocking is the site work and slab cost more than the building by a pile. The building is pretty cheap a little over $30,000 but when you start buying dirt and concrete it is crazy expensive.

Will have a two post 10,000 lb. lift and a small paint area 16' X 26'. Not going to do any more work for anyone else just me.

I am torn as to whether to pay someone to put it up or get my own crew maybe three man crew rent a lift and do it myself. Just a big erector set, lol, there I go again over simplifying something. That is $3.05 a sq. ft. to erect and he says can do in less than two weeks, $12,200. It is difficult for me to let others do stuff for me and seems like a lot for a short period of time, lol.

My plan is to have two cars going at any time so I can let the paint and body cure and shrink on one while working on the other. Have an area outside for blasting and a cabinet inside for small stuff.

I have upholstery sewing machine and lots of stuff to go into the space. My house will be empty when I get all the Mustang parts out of it. Most of the area will be for cars to park. Might eventually get a 4 post lift to stack the cars. Don't like them for working on the car never saw the benefit to lift the car up so you could jack the car up on the lift. Always in the way to work on anything.

It will be so great to be able to lay out the car and arrange the parts in order and not be looking for something all the time. It is my dream come true.

Of course I might take a break and head back to Africa in August to do a little hunting and enjoy their beautiful country.

So I am using the National Mustang day to design their place to rest, rebuild and sleep.

I will post a thread when it is all over with what it takes to put up a garage. There will be a big party with lots of BBQ and adult beverages.


When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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Washed Christine this morning and took her out for a long ride.




Looks ..Marvelous...


I also went on a long cruise on Sunday ; saw another 73 on the opposite side of the 485, heading the opposite direction.. a gorgeous day to have the top down ..Some how I ended up at Dairy Queen ..

[button=http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-garage?filterxt_uid=3945] * 1973_Mustang_Conv's Garage *[/button]

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