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An unofficial welcome to all the new members

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I bought a '73 Mustang convertible new back in the day when I was 21. It was pretty well loaded with a 351C and a/c, and I kept it for about a decade, never driving it in winter. It was in in beautiful shape, but I ended up selling it because my wife hated it, and I always regretted it. A few years back, I did a title search on it to see if I could find it and possibly buy it back, but discovered it had been junked at a salvage yard 2 years after I had sold it back in the '80s. Anyway, just last month I found and bought a very original and low mileage (45K) '71 Mustang convertible. It's not the same year or color as my old one, doesn't have a/c, and is "just" a 302, but as soon as I drove it, memories and sensations from 40+ years ago came flooding back to me! It's a very nice, solid, never-rusted car that has never been messed with. I feel like a young guy again every time I drive it!!

Mustang #1.jpg

Mustang #2.jpg

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7 hours ago, bill.kuecks@yahoo.com said:

Nice and welcome. I totally get your story.


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