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Installing wiper transmission linkage

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I have a 72 which had a rusted cowl and the wiper area was gone. I need to install everything back in. How I install the assembly. Do I separate each section, then bolt it up? The annoying thing is 20 years ago there would have been one of these around the corner I could have looked at. I miss the old days! Thanks

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I did this very thing about a month ago. Like above, you do have to rotate the linkage as you put them in place. Some tips are, have the motor in place along with the rotating arm on the motor pointing away from the motor body. After this put the linkage in place and rotate them until the bases are flush with the cowl sheet metal then install the bolts/screws loosely. Verify everything sits properly and torque to specs. From here attach the linkage to the wiper motor followed by the actual wipers. Sometimes dont sit correctly on the windshield. Simply move the wipers themselves, not the linkage or motor, until they sit in the proper position. This is made much easier if you have the wiper tool. Hope this helps.

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I've always liked the way the 71-73 wiper arms attach to the knurled studs since if you lift up the arm and insert a pop rivet into the holes at the base of the arm, it allows you to slide it on and off easily until you get the preferred 'park' position.

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