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power window 73 Vert

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I want to replace the master switch on the driver side. Can i do it just by taking off the bezel or do I need to get behind the switch and have to remove the door skin?




John J

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Not 100% sure but the bezel on the 73 is much easier to remove than the 71-72. It has a screw and some fingers that hook into the door panel. You have to take off anyway so do that first and see if the switch comes off from the face. I saw NOS bezel on ebay last week and there are always switches on there. If you pull the door panel you should go ahead and clean the guide rod and rollers on the window and lube will make a big difference in how they work. I do not use the old white grease but use Lucas Oil Red & Tacky grease seems to work great on power window motors and window guides makes a huge difference in how the work.

If you have never removed the door panels go slow and use a trim removal tool or putty knife to pry out the spring clips from the door. If you just pull on the door panel you will tear the clips out the back side of the panel then you will be using epoxy to repair that.

Vacuum out all the trash inside the door and look at the bottom to see how you are holding up on rust inside the door. The 73 front window do not come out as easy as 71-72 or I would suggest you remove the window so you can clean all the window mechanism and lube.

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