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Outside Sport Mirror Removal


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My right hand sport mirror base is broken off the door. I'm ordering a new base casting to remount the existing mirror head on. The remnants of the old base are still screwed to the door. I tried loosening the screws but they just turn and don't come out. How do I access the back side of the door and what awaits me there? This is my last item on the "Must Do List" preparing for HOT ROD Power Tour 2016.

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As others have said you have very limited access.

You will have a tough time getting anything to hold the portion of the riv-nut that sticks inside of the door.


Other option

Drill the screw heads off - leave as much of the screw as possible.

Remove the mirror base

Spray the left over screw and door riv-nut with pb blaster for a day or two

Use a rag to keep the paint clean from pb running down the door.

You might be able to hold the riv-nut and then turn whats left of the screw.


If that fails you need to replace the riv-nuts

You have to be real careful doing that so you don't mess up the paint on the door

You usually need to replace them as you can't tighten the new mirror

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Try prying a screw driver or a stiff piece of plastic between the base and the door while using a screwdriver to remove the screw. This provides leverage against the rivnut and you might be able to remove the screw.

Let me check your shorts!




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The last two entries are great advice. Also try one of those battery powered impact screw drivers(like Dewalt makes)(they look similar to a drill). The impacts should overcome the spinning nutsert.

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