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Hello Everyone! Here's My Story

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I have a 1972 Ford Mustang Coupe. I bought this car when I was 15 years old in May of 2012, when I didn't even have my drivers permit. We found it just up the street from where I live. The car was sitting outside under a cover for 5 years. The owner was offering $1,500, so I bought it. Although the Mustang was not running at the time, it only needed a new set of tires, fluids, fuel pump, battery and a rebuilt carburetor. Cosmetically the car just needed a wash and wax. Later on I painted the vinyl roof because it was fading. The car has a sunroof and baby moon rims that were already installed when I bought the car. I am currently a member of Pacific Cascade Mustang Club since February of 2013. The car is great and I love to drive it when the weather is sunny!


Some Specs


-351-2v Cleveland

-FMX Transmission

-Original Ivy Glow Paint w/Green Interior

-Factory A/C and Vinyl Top

-Have owners manual, shop manuals, owners card and documentation


My Name is Zak and i'm from Seattle, WA.

(Instagram: zakn351)


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Welcome from Denmark northern part of Europe [WINKING FACE] [THUMBS UP SIGN] Regards Lars DK73


sent from my 2303. Regards Lars DK73 Denmark

So I'm a proud owner of one Mach 1 73! Regards Lars DK73:whistling:

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Welcome from Iowa. Nice looking car!

73 Grande H Code. Headman long tube headers, T-5 Transmission, 3.70 Traclok, Lowered 1" all around, Aussie 2v heads w/ 2.19 intake, 1.71 exhaust, screw in studs, full roller cam 608/612 lift 280/281 duration LSA 112, Quick Fuel 750 CFM double pumper, AirGap intake.


- Jason





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Welcome. The color looks awesome. Enjoy your sweet ride!



"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!

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Welcome to the site from Virginia! Great story and keep the pictures and updates coming.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony
Our current Mustang garage/driveway
1973 Mustang Convert - Bought in 1974 - Still have it!
2004 Mach 1 Oxford White Auto, Bought Sept 06







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Hey Zak - Welcome from Tucson, Az


She looks in good shape!!


I'll catch ya on Instagram as well.




Tucson, Az

1973 SportsRoof

351C bored .040

Crank .020  and Stock cam

Flattop pistons

Edelbrock 4bbl CARB 800 CFM ELEC CHOKE

Edelbrock Performer 2750 Intake Manifold



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Hello Zak and welcome from Cali.

What an awesome first car to have!



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Nice car i also bought a mustang when i was only 16 however it needs a lot more work than that.

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Welcome fro TriCities Wa. I thought the background looked familiar. You have a nice car.



351C 4V cc heads, 10.5 : 1 CR, 290 Herbert cam, Flat top forged pistons, forged connecting rods, Atomic efi,

C6 with Gear Vendor overdrive, 3.89 Tru Trac, Hooker Super Comp with 2 1/2" Pypes Exhaust.        


Some Mod pictures can be seen at: [button=http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-garage?filterxt_uid=2026]Bojo's Garage[/button]



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Welcome from Oklahoma.



1971 Boss 351  

1972 Q code 4 speed convertible 

1971 Mustang Sportsroof  351-2V FMX 

1971 Hardtop (parts car)

1973 Mach 1 (parts car)

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Welcome from west TN. I have been fortunate enough to keep my first car as well. My 72 Mach 1. 30+ years later it is great to go for a drive a remember the fun of my youth. Mine was $900 and need a lot more work than yours. Hopefully you will decide to keep it as long as you can and relive these days later on.




72 Mach 1 H-Code (Concourse driven restoration)

67 S-Code Factory GT with 4-Spd

68 Mercury Cyclone (Pro-Street project)

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Try to hold onto it! I also bought my first car, a 73 Mustang Mach 1, when I was just shy of 16 years old. It was taken out in a wreck four years later (drunk driver turned in front of me). But I replaced it with the 73 convertible which I have owned every since (30 plus years). Like BKDunha, there is nothing like hopping in and remembering the old days!


I really like the look of your car too. Great color combo and the wheel covers are awesome!


73 Convertible - 351C/4V CC heads/4bolt/forged flat tops/comp 270/rhodes/mallory unilite/tri-power/hookers/glasspacks/c6/3.50 limited slip/Gear Vendors/Global West sub frames, strut rods and shelby style traction bars/ Rear sway bar/tilt steering (not original)


Pics of modifications included in: [button=http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1973-convertible--3335]My Garage[/button]


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Hello from Mississippi. Zak, I feel good about the future of our hobby and the "Torch" being carried forward when people your age show an interest in these year Mustang's. Your 72 looks to be in very good shape, and I like the "Old School" look of those baby moons. Glad you found us and decided to make us your new Mustang home.



No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

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::welcome:: from Germany, Zak!


Very nice car ::thumb::



Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly :angel:

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Young but enough mature to come in this beautifull world of Mustangs.


Mustang, beer and rock'nroll

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Those glow colors are great they pop. Yes everyone should keep their first car some way some how. I did a 1950 Ford tudor sedan my dad bought in 1952. I drove it into the barn in 1970 and been there since. I had to send my 5th. vehicle to the crusher last week, so sad. I only drove it 467,000+ miles but finally forced myself to part it out and sent the body shell to the crusher, 69 Ford Van from my hippie days, lol. Believe me there were lots of memories in that one, lol.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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