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Best way to buy tires for original Magnum 500's

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Where is the best place to buy the correct size BFG Radial TAs for our cars? I have the 7 inch wide, 15 inch Magnums and want to go with the P245 60 15 all around.


What do you suggest for the best value? What should I expect to pay per tire? Who do I have mount the tires when I get them?


Will Ford Quicklane order them in and install? NTB? Wal Mart?


I appreciate your input.


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I had always purchased tires from a local tire store where I live wanted to give him my business. He would meet the Wal-Mart and Sam's prices and his people were careful with your wheels and vehicle. When I went to get a new set for my F-150 the owner had passed on and the shop closed. So I checked around and the local Discount Tire had the best price for my BF Goodrich tires on the truck. I made an appointment showed up and the lobby was full. When it came my time by appointment they took my vehicle before others that had driven in for service. They had a window with stools so you could see everything they did. They were very careful when they took center caps off and placed them down without dropping. Dismounting and mounting of the tires was also done with care. When they went to balance I could see there was something wrong with one of the wheels. The service guy kept loosening and moving the wheel and even went to another machine. My daughter had crashed my truck and one of the wheels got bent during the crash. They came and got me took me to the shop and showed me the wheel run out. They said if I got another wheel they would remount the tire for free. I am still running the bent wheel and no funny wear pattern yet with 5,000 miles.

I always take my torque wrench with me when I get tires and when I pull out I loosen and tighten with an accurate torque wrench to prevent warping the discs. To my surprise they ran the lug nuts on put the truck on the ground then took a good torque wrench and by hand did the same thing I would do. First tire store I had seen do this.

I am sure I will go back there when I get tires mounted on my 73 factory mags. Just my experience others might have similar with other shops.

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I agree with David. I have had good luck at Discount Tires and they have always properly torqued the wheels. The only other place I have had do it was Costco. Discount Tires has a better choice of tires and will also work on our motor home, Costco fills the tires with nitrogen. I drive home before putting the torque wrench to them.



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I used Firestone when I bought my 67' 6 years ago. Guy was real nice and very informative. Walked me through choices and what he would recommend depending on certain things. Always good customer service when going there.

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David - did Discount Tire match online pricing, like Tire Rack??? I know there are offsets like shipping and local taxes. But just curious.





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When i needed tires for my truck i had them priced at Tire Rack. Call various places and they matched Tire Rack. My surprise was when I called the Good Year shop and their price was better than Tire Rack.

I also hate how much they tighten the lugs at pretty much every shop. I also take the lugs out, coat them with thread antiseize and retighten to a reasonable torque, but not with a torque wrench due to lazyness.


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kcmash, I'll do a shameless plug for your local Ford dealer. I believe Blue Springs Ford has a Quick Lane, so they should be able to handle a seamless tire transaction. Ford has a program on shop installed tires where they will price match any competitors current price ad/offer on the exact tire your purchasing from them within 30 days of purchase. I would give them a call as dealers have a lot of different specials that may include special pricing on mount and balance or rotation's after the sale. There is actually two different part numbers that came up for the BFG 245-60-15. The Ford part number for the most popular tire is 9OO4-98854, the second number which seems to be a slow seller is 9OO4-60013.

And that would also give a chance for the younger techs there to see what a really sharp Mustang like yours is all about!!

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Thank you for the advice I do have some good contacts at Blue Springs Ford and they usually treat me right. They will not get to see my car though as it is not complete I would be bringing the wheels in separate for tire mounting.


Thanks for all the great input from all of you. That saved me a ton of time!

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