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Possible to Modify RH Exterior Door Handle to LH?

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Hello All,


I can seem to easily find inexpensive RH NOS exterior door handles but no left-hand (driver side) door handles.


I have found a couple of left-hand door handles but they are very expensive. I seem to recall a thread where somebody said it was possible to swap the inner mechanism since the outer part of the handles are exactly the same.


Does anybody have any info that can help me? TIA.

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Maybe that is possible, I believe that grasping piece is different side to side. I believe that they have different casting numbers, so that leads me to think that fixed portion is different also.

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These handles were left and right. The part of the handle that faced the rear of the car had the provision to hold the rod that went down to the latch that released when the handle was pulled up. I've seen prices for a NOS unit's run from $40-$50, right up to $200.00. This style handle was used on 71-72 Full size Ford's, 72-76 T-Bird's, 82-89 Lincoln's (Mostly Town Cars), sister Mercury car's, and of course 71-3 Mustangs. I would check with Don (OMS) to see if he might have some NOS handles or maybe a repo that he recommended.

If you do search E-Bay look for E25Y-5422405-A, which replaced D1AZ-6522405-A.

Get your credit card out and Good Luck on your search!



No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

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