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Glove box issues on 73 Mach 1

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Greetings All,


OAD here. I recently purchased a 73 Mach 1 and am presently in the process of putting it all back together again. I've been running into an issue with installing a new glove box. Everything I have read says that this should be an easy installation, but there is a large cylindrical motor that blocks half of the glove box area in my car. I am not certain if this is part of the AC or part of the heater system?


I learned from reading previous posts on this board that non AC cars have vent adjustments under the dash, which my car has, but it also had an AC system at one time. Is it possible this was an aftermarket or dealer installed option?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Thanks in advance!



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That is an aftermarket AC blower and may not be available any longer.. As for the glove box, there are two different types.. One glove box insert is for NON-AC cars and the other is for AC cars.. Non ac inserts are deeper than the ac models.. I get them from Mustangs Unlimited.. Because these glove boxes are made of compressed paper, I coat them with a thin layer of fiberglass resin for added strength..


As for the aftermarket AC system, the one you have may be a universal model.. If it works, don't break it.. :)

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Thanks Guys,


At this point there are components missing from the AC system. Mainly the compressor is gone and I have a bunch of AC hoses that GNDN (goes nowhere, does nothing)


I'm not sure what I want to do with it as it seems to me from the research I've done that these old AC systems can be a bear to get working again.







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