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door panels


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I believe I have the original door panels in my 71 although repainted white from the original blue color.

After 45 years of use, there is some wear (dents) mainly on the drivers elbow rest and since that part doesnt come off the panel, the whole thing would need to be replaced.


For concours quality, would points be taken off for the door panel that shows some elbow dents versus having a newer looking replacement panel?


Since you can only buy them in pairs, I'm debating whether to replace the panel to fix that issue on the drivers side when the passenger side looks like new and wouldnt need the work done on it.



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Elbow dents in the armrest will most likely be a deduction in Concours. The deduction may vary depending on the severity of the wear. Driven concours may be a bit more lenient, but it's still a deduction. Reproduction panels, if installed properly, and having a pretty good factory appearance are acceptable.


It's understandable about keeping things on budget, but replacing in pairs is always preferred since there may be noticeable differences between the factory and reproduction which may make one panel stand out more than the other...for show concours, probably not the best idea.

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If it's not cracked, only dented you are probably looking at losing a point or two for condition. Wrong color interior is s a severe deduction, probably 25 points. For concourse it should appear as the dealer delivered it. Your door data tag dictates your colors.

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