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72 Fastback


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Welcome from Az, tires are cheap tickets are not, great looking ride! Doesn't take much to build a fun Cleveland.

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Welcome to the site and from Eastern North Carolina! Is it a Mach 1 or is it a sports roof? Looks really good.




I'll answer a few of the questions in this post. It's just a sports roof. I use tire shine on the tires only. I detailed the motor the other day and got it cleaned up. I also ordered some rear seat belts, Mach 1 stripes (don't hate me all of you with real Mach 1s, and also some door weatherstripping. I got the weatherstrip installed but haven't done the stripes yet. I started to install the rear seat belts, got the rear seat taken out and then saw the original belts were hiding behind and under the seat so I'm sending back the new belts. I'm fixing to order some more interior pieces such as the sail trim panel, trunk carpet and window weatherstripping. This is my first car and I didn't realize how much less expensive parts are for these cars versus newer trucks...kind of dangerous. I'll get some more pics once it stops raining here in San Antonio. Thanks for the positive feedback.

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I'm brand new to mustangs and older cars so take it easy on me. Got a 72 a couple days ago and I'm hooked. The car was born with a 302 but was swapped with a 351 Cleveland 5 years ago. The motor was built by a company in Houston and they put some goodies in it. I tested it out today and spun the tires as I was going 30 mph. I didn't realize it could do that. 4 speed top loader trans. At any rate, I've enjoyed it already and I look forward to learning more about the older mustangs from this site.


Nice car looks like mine except your roof is not as soft as mine haha.

Glad you are enjoying your good looking car.

Remember keep her out of the Texas sun or your red will turn to pink.

Rodney from SW Florida

1972 Q-Code 4speed one of 201 produced. Staggered shocks, 3.50 traction lock, 44K miles.

Rodney from SW Florida

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