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Summit Camshaft?

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Anybody running summit brand camshafts? Who is making them for Summit?


I have a 302 with 2V heads. Have an Weiand 8020 stealth intake and Holley 600 carb. Also have headers upgraded exhaust, and a pertronix. I'm thinking the next logical step is a cam and Summit cams looks like a good deal. Last I heard there were only about 3 people grinding cams so somebody has to make them for summit.


Thanks in advance for the help

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I am just curious as to how your project is going. I also have a 2 bbl 302. I have a performer intake and 600 cfm Edelbrock carb. I am considering headers, exhaust and cam. I was wondering if you completed yours and how much of a difference did you notice?


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I would be careful with anything radical for your car. My buddy installed this Summit cam years ago, "SUM-3601" into his 289ci 1968 Falcon with a T-5. It also has ported E7 heads, roller rockers, headers, 4v intake and Holley 600. It was pretty flat until 2k rpms, but when it built up steam it did indeed rip. It only performed at higher rpms and it worked well in his stickshift, light car(3000 lbs). I would never install it into an automatic and heavier car as it would be a dog down low.


The camshaft will not make your engine really perform much better. What you really need is better heads or anything that will help build more torque. Gears or a higher stall torque converter, etc. If you need a camshaft to put an engine back together for, choose the smallest one they offer (SUM-3600) to build torque as early as possible. It's the only way you will feel the car be any peppier.



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I bought a summit k5200 with lifters for my 351c on ebay for $59 to my door. Specs say 1200 to 4500rpm, what i would call rv or 3/4 race. I will post pic of spec card later. Not installed yet


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How is that manifold working out for you? Mine is up for the winter, but am very happy with the original setup that I chose to go back to. Are the Summit cams much cheaper than a good Comp Cam? I haven't looked at pricing.



- Nik

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