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Does anyone know if I can add the deluxe trim that goes around the glove box to a car that had standard interior? I already have a deluxe glove box door with the trim and wanted to make sure I can add the deluxe trim to a standard dash. Thanks!!!

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The reason I ask was because I have not found a picture of the back side of the dash trim piece and did not know if the dash structure had recessed holes for the trim piece. I was not aware that it basically involved drilling holes in the structure.

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If there's no camera case-textured plastic piece on your dashboard, then yeah - you'll need to drill holes.


If there's a plastic piece that just doesn't have the chrome trim strip around the outline (Deluxe Trim), then you can swap the pieces easy enough - although, it will be a PITA to get to the fasteners on the backside of the dashboard itself.


I've not seen too many interiors that didn't have some kind of plastic trim, but I know they're out there.


The magnet idea sounds interesting. Good idea! ::thumb::



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