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Distributor Rebuild- Bearing Change Out

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I will be utilizing a 1980's Ford HEI distributor in my 1971 351C. I was very careful to match it up to the original.


I pulled two or three from the boneyard, and would like to have the bearings replaced, whether or not they are needed.


I will probably do the original, then do two more with varying timing curves to play with.


Is there a trusted service BRONZE BEARING REPLACEMENT service provider? Or is this just a typical auto machine shop type of issue. I did have Dave at Dave Don't Give Me No Crap HEI Small Body rebuild one for a 351W, which was outstanding in every regard.


But I think he kicked the bucket. Hoping his wife puts the Snap On Distributor timing machine up for sale on eBay.


The timing curve is another thread.




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Well I don't have an answer, but I do have a suggestion-take a look at what Performance Distributors does in their Duraspark build. I have used the HEI units in several vehicles and have gone to their shop and watched them tune a distributor on their old machines. Nice professional folks.





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I don't know of any either. But even if you can find some you'll still need to get them sized (reamed) for correct clearance.


Without knowing a good machine shop or distributor rebuilder your odds are about the same as expecting to come home a winner after a weekend in Las Vegas.



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