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Big Asking Price For a '73 Mach 1

Austin Vert

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Hi to all,


Spotted this one on E bay recently.


The seller is asking big money for the BUY IT NOW price. It will be interesting how the intended sale ends up.








:whistling: LORD, MR FORD - JERRY REED

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The BIN price is crazy. If the reserve is also too high I predict it will end up not being sold. It is a '73 H code 2V with '71 / '72 Mach 1 decals and side stripes. Technically you could get those side stripes in '73 but I don't believe you could have them on a Mach 1. It also says "Very rare". Maybe the rare part is having those decals on a '73. ;) But someone might buy it because it looks right overall if you don't know what to look for. The last few people who looked at my '71 J code Mach 1 thought I added the hood scoops and the hood locks, as in I created them, and they were not something available from the factory.

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It looks clean but it's not a 35K car


doorjamb wiring boots are painted silver

door jamb switches are painted silver

no tube for the charcoal canister

has a flex hose to the radiator

no battery hold down

no fender to hood rubber bumpers

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I would think that price range would be more for an immaculate survivor car, which is actually closer to $20-25K for an H-Code. This one, while very nice, has had some restoration and artistic liberties taken with it:

  • Ram Air with no hood locks
  • TuTone too far back on the hood
  • Custom Autosound stereo (ask me how I know ;) )
  • Engine paint is not Corporate Blue (again, ask me how I know)
  • Aftermarket rear view mirror (likely with a back-up camera)
  • Didn't come with Magnums


All of that along with the things pointed out by the other guys should have some kind of impact on that price. Meaning, I don't believe the inaccurate add-ons and options on this car raise the value enough for it to be in that price range.


Still, it's a great lookin' car and will probably make a nice ride for someone with the right amount to spend. ::thumb::



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Wow. Way to high for a 73. The prices reflect Boss or big block cars. Even if the car was a low mileage original, the price is still out of line.

That said, it looks very nice.

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There was also something I remember from years ago.


The official ford side strips for 1973 were different then the 71-72 versions.

The tapper towards the rear of the 73 decal was much steeper then 71-72.

The front part of the decal going to the front side light was also different it was longer from what I remember since the front valance and bumper on 73 was larger and lower.

The hockey stripe between 71-73 looks the same until you see them side by side then you see the 73 was different.

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