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73 Mach 1 - Jackson, MS

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Looks like a mixed up car for sure.

I was just in town to look at cars on Main Street. There were a few nice ones but there were two Citroens which is odd. Was talking with one owner and ask how he got in the U.S.. He said it was shipped to the U.S. as a magazine test car and was required to be crushed 8 days after testing was over. They kept it from being crushed by changing the registration to show a 1966 model instead of 1985. He said this is common for those cars. I guess you can make them older then they are classics to get by the bumper and emissions requirements. Never heard of that. Brought in through Canada to U.S. but to see two in a mountain town was strange use to see them in Germany a lot.

My nephew has started bringing in Japanese right hand drive cars. He has a Skyline and a Sylvia he brought in with no issue and has North Carolina titles for both. I got off topic again sorry.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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