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1972 sports roof trunk divider locate


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1972 sports roof ongoing project.......The PO started to convert from a standard rear seat to a fold down version. The area between the rear wheel housings is missing the seat back support, (trunk divider?) for either version. I want to go back to a standard rear seat and cannot find a trunk divider/package tray to be welded in.

The fold down seatback was already installed and I left it in for cosmetic purposes although the rear seat is not usable.

I want to get rid of the fold down back and get a standard back (which doesn't seem like a problem.) The problem is locating a usable standard trunk divider/package tray assy and reassembling everything from there. I will be selling the fold down back, trap door, rearmost interior quarter panels and the spacer that goes on the floor as soon as I locate the divider I need. Any ideas where I can get this part?:-/

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Check with Old Dominion Mustang in VA. I was able to buy some nice rust free things from them in the past. They cut them out and shipped reasonable

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