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Carb and intake 4v 351c

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I am leaning toward a new purchase of a quick fuel 650 with mechnicial secondary. I am also thinking of an intake change since the carb is not a direct fit on my original intake.

Has anyone used this combo on a 4v 351c with a 4speed?

Any input or comments would be great.

Also open to other combos that will give great low end torque.

1972 Q-Code 4speed one of 201 produced. Staggered shocks, 3.50 traction lock, 44K miles.

Rodney from SW Florida

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You can easily use a bigger carb. a 750 will not be a problem.


As to intake a single plane like a Edelbrock Torker will work nicely above 1500 rpm.


A dual plane may be more "streetable" but with a 4V engine and a 4 speed and 3.50 gears, a single plane intake would be my choice.


For more low end torque, go ahead and use a dual plane, but you'll be limited to about 5500 rpm by most of them.


If you are running a stock cam, that would be a good way to go. With a performance cam, the cam will dictate what you need for an intake to some degree



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I agree with Jeff on the 750 carb size. As to dual vs single plane intakes it depends on max shift RPM camshaft and gears. The Edelbrock performer does sign off at about 5500 RPM. On a stock displacement 351 the Edelbrock air gap will make good power to at least 6500 RPM, and the Blue Thunder will make power to at least 6800 RPM. If you are regularly shifting at or above 7000 RPM, and using a steep rear gear, the single plane may be the way to go. There are always exceptions, ex. over powered, light car with too much torque to leave a corner properly. and you want to lower the mid-range torque. It is not just about peak power. You need to look at the torque and power curves throughout the useable RPM range. Given your current set up I'd suggest the Air Gap. If more power is in your future, or you plan make it a 393 or 408 in the future, I'd suggest the Blue Thunder. My 408, with a Blue Thunder intake and a 750 HP, makes peak power at 6400 RPM, a function of the camshaft I use. On the street, torque is what makes you smile. Chuck

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