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Searching for '73 headlight bezel's


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Hello to all of you.

I picked up a '73 Mach 1 about a year ago, and started restoring it. I have restored several cars in the past, some of which I've held on to, and some were sold traded or otherwise bartered for things I wanted.

Anyway, this car is special to me, because it was the car that ignited my love of muscle cars. It belonged to my cousin, and I can still remember how cool I felt when I was 9 years old, riding around in it.

He only had it a year before it got backed into by a dump truck. It sat for 27 years. People stole parts off of it, and some kids vandalized it. I'm still happy as can be to be the owner of it.

I have found most of the parts I need to get it back on the road, but nobody seems to reproduce the headlight bezel's. Or headlight doors, as most of the catalogs call them.

I have one for the left side, and since they are painted mostly black for the Mach 1, the one I have for the left side will work. I just don't see any listings for the right side. There are a couple of Lefty's on eBay, but the right side seems a little harder to come by. The part number for the right side is D3ZZ-13064-C.

If anybody knows where to find one, weather it is new, used or reproduced, let me know.

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