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4sp Lock out rod stud and nut

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Can someone post an image of the stud that connects the lock-out rod to the reverse crank on the trans? I think it's a stud that would snap into one of those hard blue or brown plastic bushings. I picked up the lock-out rod but I'm missing the stud and nut.




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I recently did this also. Best photo I could find was taken before the lockout rod was connected I never took any photos after this image. I recall the lockout rod is connected using the same stud/fasteners as what connects the shifter rods to the Hurst shifter assembly. Hopefully the picture is useful to you...


If your missing one of those studs perhaps Don@OhioMustang may have one lying around.


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Maybe this picture of a 4 speed will help as it shows the pins (bolts) at the shifter connection. The lock out rod obviously goes on the reverse shift arm in the center of the box, the open hole in other words.

I think you can order these from NPD. I know they have the bushing kits. When you set up your shift linkages, use a 1/4" drill or something to center the shift mechanism. You can see that our friend in the first picture, has a white 1/4" pin or what have you, holding it all in place.

Hope that helps.


 I learn something new every day!

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