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Cruise Control

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Hi Everybody!


So, I was reading around yesterday, and found the thread asking what is this weird looking switch / chain / toilet plunger type of thing under my column. I believe it was determined that it was something to do with cruise control. I don't know if it was ever determined if it was factory or aftermarket.

Then, I got to wondering if the cruise control in my car, which I have been assuming was aftermarket might actually be an original option.


The question I guess is, was cruise control offered as a factory option?


Mine doesn't work so I thought I might just unhook it all and pull it out, but if it was by chance factory then I'll fix it instead.


Here's what it looks like:



And the back of it says:



Thanks for the feedback!



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hello there!! I´ve never heard of a factory original cruise control option but regarding 71-73 era, it is possible...


Wait till the guys that has the right experience or literature help you find this out ;)

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Damián :cool:



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Looks like an interesting gadget. I'll be curious to hear what it is too.

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Well according to the Marti book mustang by the numbers not one car left the factory after 1969 with cruise installed. I hope this helps answer your question.










I am just here to eat my lunch and screw stuff up!!!!!lollerz

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I agree no cruise after 1969.

Now with that said,I do beleive you have a cruise control unit on your hands.In the mid 70's there were ALOT of after market companies that ofered over the counter units / universal.Two companies that come to mind are Borg Warner and Eaton.I sold several units through an auto supply.Hope that helps!


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Thanks for the replies.


It is a cruise control unit.

It has a cable going to the throttle linkage, and I followed the wires up to the turn signal lever, which has cruise buttons on it. It has a vacuum port that wasn't hooked up. Maybe that's why it doesn't work.

I was just unsure if it might have been a factory unit. I didn't think so, as the wiring didn't look right for the era, but I figured I'd ask to be sure.

Now the fun of unhooking the wiring and seeing what happens!


There is also an aftermarket alarm that was installed, and holy smokes what a wiring disaster! It's going to take me a month to figure out how to un-splice it. It seems that every wire in the car runs through it.


Thanks again!

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