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Inner rocker repair

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What is the going rate to replace inner rockers? Looking at a 1970 cougar convert.and want to know what I am looking at cost wise, Thanks


You will probably need floors also, as they overlap a couple inches. If car was cleared of the interior, I was charging $2600 for butt welding floors and installing the customer supplied parts. I've seen prices in the $3500 range.

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I did a quick search on the net to see what all is involved and its quite the project. Can it be done?? Absolutely. But the interior will need to be gutted and a lot of cutting and welding would be going on. The convertible inner rocker has extra structure to it and is very thick to help support the car. How is your door gap now? First sign they are going bad and sagging is the door gap being off. You would have to get the car up in the air and either build a jig to keep it from moving or weld a lot of temp. bracing in to keep it from moving when you cut out the old rocker. If its not braced and you start cutting, that car is going to fold like an accordion since there is no roof structure for support. If you door gap is already out of whack, you will need to support the car and get the door gap in the proper position before welding any support bracing or you will just be welding a new rocker into a sagging car. As far as price goes.... that one is not going to be cheap. If it is cheap I would look for another shop to do it properly. Here is a link to a guy that in my opinion HACKED it together. http://www.fordmercurycougarxr7.com/pages/Restoration&Repair/ConvertibleInnerRocker.html But it will give you an idea of the structure that will need replaced. If your interested in having it done bring it out to PA and I can get it done for ya as soon as I get done with this damn 71!! LOL

1971 Mach 1

408C Stroker - C4 w/3,000 stall - 8.8" Rear w/3.73's - Disc brakes all way around.



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