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My 72 got a new stablemate.


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Love the Boss 302 cars-great acquisition and I love the matching colors! Enjoy it!



"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!

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It's quite a difference between the two.The raw violent power of the big block in the 72 vs the more refined high winding Coyote.The Boss sure handles and stops better and gets at least twice the gas mileage.Its really cool to be able to experience the 40 year difference whenever I want.I think the Boss 302 is going to fit in well at my house.

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This was my first Boss purchase but not my first try at one.Back in 1987 I was 17 and was working in Dallas,Tx.Drove by a Ford dealer down there and spotted an older Mustang on the lot.I drove a 66 Coupe at the time.I pulled in to check it out.Well it was a 71 Boss 351 Yellow with black stripes,30k original miles.I was in love and wanted that car sooooooo bad.Salesman came out and told me it was out of the owners private collection.Asking 7500.00.Now back then that might as well have been 750,000 to me.He asked me if I wanted to drive it.Who let's a 17 year old drive a Boss 351?I happily agreed.After a pretty long test drive they let me use their phone to call my bank back home in Missouri.They pretty much laughed at me 7500 was way to much money to loan on a car that old.I was crushed.Still remember that day vividly.The one that got away.Funny thing is nearly 30 years later I was back in Dallas buying my 72 Mach 1.I finally got a Boss I guess,just not the one I fell for years ago.

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that is two sexy mustangs!!

Is wanting every Mustang you see wrong?


Current Mustangs

1965 Fastback

1967 S-Code Coupe

1972 Mach 1 HO

1967 GT fastback K-Code

1995 Gt Conv

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