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Where can I get theses bolts


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I went to install my quarter window guides and on one side I have bolts in the rocker and the other side is missing them? They are used to hold the bottom of rear quarter window guides in place. Anyone know where I can get them?




- Jim

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sdstang, what you need is 374251-S2 caged nut (1/4-20). Discontinued from Ford but is a AMK manufactured product (B-12033). They sell a 2 piece bag for $4.00, but unfortunately  they have a $30.00 minimum order. I would check with Don (OMS) or one of our on site venders that handle AMK products to see if that is a product they stock. The bolts if needed are 1/4-20x1/2".

You could also check with Don (OMS) or Mike @ Motor City Mustang to see if they might have some used ones since they both have parts cars



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