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Autolite Battery Cover


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I've always liked the Autolite battery, but no way going to spend the bucks to get one.


Will an Autolite cover fit a 73 302?


If so, what type battery number (ie: 24F) should I get?




Sure it fits, use manufacturer information to determine what battery to use. 73's got Motorcraft batteries from the factory.

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The cheaper covers tend to warp a little from the tie down and heat. Battery post holes may also be a little off because of who made the battery. I seen some of the better covers where the cell caps unscrew and the red lettering is the shade.

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Its a battery that doesnt have any caps on top so the autolite cover will fit. If the battery isnt flat, the posts will be too short sticking thru the cover.


flat top:





non flat top:




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