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72 Mach 1 project

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New member on here and thought I would start a build thread of the Mach 1 I have in the shop. The car got delivered to the shop yesterday from Seattle and will be starting on it as quickly as possible. Im sure the new owner will chime in as we are both new forum members.

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Thanks so much, the previous owner had put in floors, aprons and shock towers. All new suspension, brakes, engine, 4 speed, 9" all rebuilt. Still a lot to do to lol.

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Looks like a great car.



73 Grande

351C 2v

Now 4v Carb/Cam/headers/T5


Gasoline is for washing parts.

Alcohol is for drinking.

Nitomethane is for racing!



Work in Progress photos here:

Last Update: 4/23/16

























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Nice car! Looks almost like mine! I don't believe the color on the key fob is correct though. Mine is "medium lime green metallic," not "ivy glow."


2012 F-350 King Ranch

2004 Subaru WRX STi

2005 Ducati 999S

1992 Ducati 900SS

1972 Mustang Mach 1

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Been unpacking the car from shipping ing and doing an inventory of what's here. The cowl will need some work, need to find all the brackets that spot weld to the bottom. Found some more gems in boxes today




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Couple of updates. Mostly been taking inventory of what's missing and what we have for the car. Got the dash out, stripped everything and got it in the blaster. Got wiring off to Midlife. Got the floors all clean ready for some primer and seam sealer. Need to locate some brackets off of the bottom of the cowl.









upload photos free online

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Stripped everything off the cowl and out of the engine bay. Getting everything ready for primer, seam sealer and undercoating, more primer then finally the correct black for the engine bay and some slop grey.








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Today got engine bay, cowl in primer. Started with seam sealer. Will be undercoating tomorrow and hopefully spraying black on everything Sunday.




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That shop looks like a mustang heaven, I had a white fastback like that in 1970 . Lol , was a hipo 289 4 speed. Blk interior . I remember it well. Paid $800 for it . Your moving right along, thanks for sharing.

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I appreciate everyone's kind words. Me and my dad restored that fastback in 1999. I have my first car, 65 6cyl coupe that's very rusty sitting outside the shop. May get to it in a couple of months. But 4 other customers cars are in front of that lol. Did some mire paint today on the cowl and engine bay.










image resize service

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Got some parts in today from dynacorn for the Mach 1. My first big order since I became a Dynacorn. distributor. The floor pan and rockers are for a Camaro, but trading those for a 67 Mustang coupe project do I'm justifying have Chevy parts in the shop lol.













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Been waiting on parts and working on some subassemblies and getting the fender aprons looking good.






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