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429 CJ block


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There are letter scratch markings on other high performance Ford block castings as well. I know many of the 428CJ blocks have C or A scratch letters in the bellhousing area. As to what they mean is anyone's guess. It's just one of those things that some feel is an easy identifier for original vs service blocks even though no one has proved 100% correlation.



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My guess, somebody's initial, just like you see on trees. The reason it is backwards is because it would have been correct when scratched into the mold.



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I'd be wary of assigning any significance to it.

Its an operator at the casting plant graffiti-ing the sand core of the block mold is all you could say definitively at this point in time!


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I worked on the first BMW sports activity vehicle built in SC X-5. If you get under one or pull the carpet out look on the tunnel above the transmission where it connects to firewall. You see some beads in the metal not an uncommon thing to take up loose metal or strengthen some. What is to be noted about this one is the Peter Wimmer the designer for the front floor put his initials in the hump and BMW never noticed it. He sort of combined the two letters together. I do not have a pic. So Peter has his initials on every BMW X-5 built. 

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