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72 Mach 1 Spare Parts

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I just sold my 72 Mach 1 but the car shipped out before I could get the new buyer all the extra stuff I had. The car was sold through a classic car dealer and they would not give out the name of the new owner or ship the spare parts other than paperwork that could be mailed. I want to sell these items to a good home if anybody is interested. I will provide pictures if interested. I would like to sell everything as a lot if possible. Make an offer.


* 15 x 7 Magnum 500 rim with Cooper Cobra Radial GT P235/60R15, chrome valve stem and balanced. Both are brand new and never used.

* Power steering gearbox, pump, hoses (New NAPA), center link, pitman arm and pump bracket. The gearbox and pump have been sent out and remanufactured    by A1 Cardone and never been installed.

* OE jack, jack handle, bolt & wingnut

* 1972 Ford car shop manuals volumes 1 thru 5, wiring diagram manual and vacuum schematic manual. 

* Jim Osborn assembly manuals for 1971 thru 1972 Mustang electrical, interior, weld & sealant and body assembly.

* Miscellaneous new fasteners.

* Box of Dynamat

* New heater core (no AC)

* New ignition switch

* New marker light (amber)

* Tail light assembly. Good condition - original

* Antenna (new).

* New hood springs (pair)

* Miscellaneous other odds and ends that would fit in a smaller box.

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