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71 Mach tach stopped working

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The tach on my 71 Mach has suddenly stopped working.  It worked fine uo until a couple days ago.   I had to get the car hauled to a tranny shop (they had to pull the tranny and replace the flex plate).   On the way home, I noticed it wasn't working.  I suppose there's something the shop could have done,  but don't know for sure. 


Anyway, I checked the connections in the engine compartment,  looks OK.  Is there a fuse that might affect it?  What else and how can I perform any other checks?



71 Mach 1, bright red/black, 351C, FMX

67 Fairlane GT, black/parchment, 390, 4sp


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No fuses. Since the car still runs, there are only two ways that can happen: the shop removed the dash cluster and bypassed the tach (unlikely), or the tach gauge guts have failed, but not the input transformer.

Let me check your shorts!




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Mine stops working every now and then, especially after the car hasn't run for a while.  I just tap on the top of the dashboard above the tach and it jumps back to life. Not a technical fix but it does continue to work after that for a long period of time.  My other Mach 1 does not ever have that issue.


73 Mach 1 Blue Glow/Argent Q Code C6 Auto

73 Mach 1 Blue Glow/Argent Q Code 4 Speed

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