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Convertible temp bracing pictures?

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So I anticipate replacing my floors on my 73 rag and since I'm in there already why not do the inner rockers replacement as well? (I fear they may be rusted).  My question is are there any good pictures or guides of guys welding in temp braces on convertibles to provide support while doing major floor/rocker repairs?



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Just a suggestion. Before you even start take the car to a frame shop and have them check to see that the platform is set where it needs to be now. Most have sagged in the middle and some twisted from improper jacking. Once you have the platform level and where it needs to be just some common sense bracing from the A post about dash level back to the door jam. They sell platforms to sit the car on while doing the floors this is one source. https://www.bestbuyautoequipment.com/autotwirler-at-mc-mustang-body-cart-p/mbc-0211.htm

This place also sells bracing bars to go into the door opening if you don't want to fab them. https://www.bestbuyautoequipment.com/autotwirler-pair-long-door-bars-p/dob-0308.htm

A rotisserie will also make life easier for sure but can get expensive. I got mine used for $800. https://www.bestbuyautoequipment.com/autotwirler-elite-rotisserie-p/at-elite-r-assy.htm

A little money up front will save you lots of hours down the road. The rotisserie and the cart are two things that really save you time and back pain.

The picture is the one I got for $800 you can adjust for any car the far end of this one pivots so you can steer it and it has really big inflated tires that make it easy to move. Also has the four corner stabilizer jacks to take the wiggle out. I just cleaned it up and painted it will be putting a 72 Q vert on it soon. Once on you can rotate the car literally with one finger and lock it where you want to work. No crawling around under the car. Pull outside to blast or pressure wash and back in. The big tires are the way to go if you can find one.







When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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Hi Chet,


I welded in some 1" steel bar at the beginning mainly as I needed to get the vehicle towed a few times (sand blasting, shifting premises). I didn't want the tow truck pulley to stretch the car without the doors on etc so added this bracing for good measure. I have replaced the floor pan on one side so far and have been happy with the results. Have not need to replace the rockers on this project. The bracing I welded in can be a pain to work around but hopefully keeps things nice and square.


I originally considered a rotisserie but have a four post car hoist so went they way.


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This is great info Dave!  What brand is that rotisserie?  I've toyed with the idea of making one, but buying one would be better as my fab skills are not top notch.




There is no name on the rotisserie. The guy that had it used it for at least 20 years so not new. The cost of the steel and all the fab work makes it about cheaper to buy one. This one has had several mustangs on it hooks to the rear spring mount and where the front bumper mounts. Has two different length center bars, long one for Mustangs and short for Camaro when the front frame is removed. I will never use the short one for sure.

Sometimes you can catch the supplier I sent links to with free shipping. I was going to get one of the carts but the shipping was as much as the cart so I keep looking for a free shipping one, lol. Sometimes you can go to swap meets and the suppliers of them will sell their demo at the show cheap to keep from having to haul back.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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