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Solved or not 72 351 Qcode air cleaner decal

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Wow something went wrong with that one. I had put a screen print of the Marti in the message and it looked fine until I hit post, lol.

I do not know how to attach a copy of the Marti there should already be one on here anyway. It says 351 4V Cobra Jet.


My Marti reports say 351CJ 

The air cleaners just have 351 - 4 V regular fuel

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Can't believe after all this time the decal issue still hasn't been resolved by the manufactures. Guess they are to busy counting our money. Considering the quality level of most home scanners and printers now, you sure couldn't do a worse job than the "Pros" are! Ford never released a service part for these decals so the engineering number on the decal is the only "Part" number there is from Ford.

Ford cut the compression ratio on ALL 72 truck and car gasoline engines so all the decals will indicate regular fuel. If you have one that indicates premium fuel it is a 71 and prior application. The 71 4bl lid was the same as the 72 chrome and 73-74 blue lids. Before I added ram air to my 71 M, I ran a chrome 72 Q lid just to dress it up some and it fit perfectly. The smaller diameter air cleaners with the ribs in the lid were sourced from the full size Fords and were in use across the car line on the majority of 2bl cars.

As far as when the decal changed from CJ to 4BL is still being debated. Back in March 2015 Boss1Ray was working on a spread sheet but I'm not sure if he received enough info from forum members. Since my two Q codes were 72 Gran Torino's, the production dates would still be valid info since the  Mustang/Torino used the same engine. My 12-7-71 Torino had CJ on a chrome lid, the 5-15-72 Torino had 4BL on a chrome lid but had 351 Cobra Jet on the window sticker.

Some people may think this is a lot of noise about something as  insignificant as a decal, but when someone puts the amount of money into a vehicle as has been done here by our forum members, having to cut a decal to make it fit is not acceptable.

Vendors....take your hands out of our pockets long enough to listen to us!!



No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

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My Q Code Mach 1 was built on 02/04/72 if this helps to dig the hole any deeper! My window sticker Marti reproduction says 351 CID 4V 8 Cylinder Engine. The Marti Report itself says 351 4V Cobra Jet V8 Engine.

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