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AC condenser


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I was looking at restoring my car's factory air conditioning system, didn't see many options on the condenser but did find this http://www.accondenserstore.com/p351607.html


Does anyone have any experience with locating this part or using this company?



1971 Mustang

Grabber Lime with black deluxe interior

302 engine with C-4 transmission and 9" rear end with 3.50 gears


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Is your old one leaking? I just took mine off cleaned it and actually flushed it out and pressure tested and baked it to dry and of course ran vacuum for another half hour to make sure system was clean and dry. Worked fine with all new o-rings and dryer. The mounting holes in the dryer did not align with the ones in the condenser but the lines hold it in place.

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I have heard VERY good things about these guys....will be installing their compressor soon. https://originalair.com/ford-air-conditioning-parts#/specFilters=5!#-!1350!-#!6!#-!1374!-#!7m!#-!1433


Good Luck!

My Original (from High School!) 1972 Mach 1 / 2014 F150 / 2018 Porsche Panamera




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