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Anyone know the reason for the AC disconnect on the hose


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The last thing I have left to do all my car is hook up the AC system.  as with most of the car I'm replacing most of the AC system except for the evaporator which I had pressure tested and is still good. I'm doing the conversion and wondering if I need the quick disconnects on the hoses as I'm thinking about just going with one line. Classic Auto Air doesn't advertise it but they'll make a single line.  my question is is how important is it to have the quick disconnect and what was it for?

- Jim

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Jim, aren't you done with this car yet man! Lets see some pictures bro! I will be back in San Diego this summer, we are building a house in Eastlake and it will be completed in June. As for my Mustang, it is in a buddies garage in Washington while I am on deployment, still needs paint and body work, but it runs really good now. We will have to get together once I am home. Take care man.



- Nik

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