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Serial Stamp on 351C 4v

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How much of the cars serial number was actually stamped on the engine block?  I took a short video and then made screenshots of the stamping on my block and it is kind of hard to make out.  What I can see is the 2255 and then maybe the 96 a bit off to the top right of that.  The numbers are very staggered...is that normal?






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The picture is too blurry to make out the number. The serial number is six digits and it looks like you have six. There also appears to be maybe a D3? before the serial number. These number were stamped in a very inconsistent way. Sometimes it was just the six digit serial number and in other cases I have seen the S/N with the assembly plan code and year prefix. Here are some examples...



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Mine was also hard to see so I cleaned it up a bit and applied some white paint in the recessed numbers to make them stand out a bit more.  Mine was 3F260846 - the 3F portion was stamped a little lighter so it is harder to see. It looks like each character was individually stamped.  This matches my dash VIN so that's good to know.




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