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Turn signals not working

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I have a 1973 Mach 1 and my turn signal slowly malfunctioning. Now it doesn't work at all, my hazard lights still work tho. I replaced my turn signal switch, turn signal relay with no luck. I pulled the fuse tonight and put a lil connection grease on it and they worked for about a min but blinked very slowly. Anyone else ever have this problem?

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I'm having trouble opening my wiring diagrams but if it worked albeit slowly and then stopped then i'd look to the control for the flash, cant recall if its a relay or another type of device, but its the little thing that clicks everytime the light is turned on and off. Got the diagram open, its the turn signal flasher, located on a bracket above the glove box.

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The turn signals and the 4 ways have separate flashers. They are both located on the top of the glove box. Try trading the flashers and see if that is the problem.

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according to his posts the lamps light but off tempo and then stopped, bad bulbs don't light at all nor cause a delay, power flows or it doesn't lighting slow means the flow isn't occurring at the correct interval so a control device for power flow must be the culprit. Its the slow light that is the key, overcurrent that would blow a bulb would have nothing to do with a slow flash.

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