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72 Grande Coupe Project

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Alright.  The time has come.  Our 72 coupe is a major project and pile of parts.  Like just about everybody, I had the best of intentions when I drove this car into my shop and tore it apart.  But unlike many of you, it simply stalled and now just occupies space.  Because other priorities have moved in front, I wanted to post here to see if somebody has the time, money and backbone to take this on.  It's really more of a collection of parts at this point, but there are some good parts.  I don't have the time or interest to part it, however.  I'd like $2500 for it all.  Here's what I have.


72 Grande Coupe

351 Windsor, C6, 9"

Body has been media blasted and put in epoxy primer.  New floor pan (full) is in.  New trunk pan is in.  Body sits on rolling dolly


This is a complete car, which ran and drove when I tore it down (I know...i know)


Additionally, I have acquired some extra goodies that are likely worth as much if not more than the car itself.  This extra stuff is original and correct.


Ram Air Hood.  Needs some metal repair, no underhood ducting

Mach 1 full gauge cluster

Full center console

Clutch/brake pedal assembly, no z bar









(was entertaining converting to an orig 4 speed car)

Original set of Mach 1 wheels, need refinishing


Plus I've got the original hood, an extra roof, lots of miscellaneous extra pieces and parts (i had also bought a donor car at one point)


Again, I'm not interested in parting any of this stuff out.  I just don't have the time to fool with it.  I'm wide open to offers.  You can PM me here with any questions.


The car is located in Largo, Florida, near St. Pete/Clearwater.


Feel free to PM me with questions.





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