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I have started a EFI conversion on my 71 Mach 1, Motor is a 351 w original 351 c M code ,Windsor was in when I bought it. Mild build up Gt40-p heads jba shorty headers , Ok this is what I went with FI tech Go port system they supplied complete kit minus the distributor and pressure regulator. Fuel pump will be there Hyper fuel in tank pump,Not using there pulse width modulation plan on using relay cuts down the load on the controller ,They say that it can control up to 15amp pump load. Anyone have any experience installing one of these especially the pump Plan on placing it where the top tank vent is now. any comments will be helpful pump has a vent port.

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I didnt install an in tank pump but on youtube check out Autoedit and his mustang build. In one of his more recent videos he cut the top of the tank and installed a pump. Made it look quite easy.

1971 Mustang Grande, 351 Cleveland 2v, C6, 9"

-Fitech EFI

-Comp Cams 284hr

-Aussie Heads

-Weiand Xcelerator intake

-Long Tube Headers

-Boss Hogg "Street Bandit"



My Build

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what head3rs are you using and any issues with the p heads and header choice?

JBA headers , Had to use ceramic boots on plug wires ,Plugs are a little hard to get to.You need to use plugs for an 98 explorer .

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I did the Autoedit process along with the Tanks, Inc. fuel system.


Here is my post with the FiTech EFI 400 with 302 roller engine.




mustang7173 🇺🇸

"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway" -- John Wayne

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