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Firestone raised white letters 14"

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IMO, 215/70R14 are too small. I run 225/70R14 and they fit the well nicely. They are equivalent to the F70-14 of the day.


Second, get a decent set of tires for your car. You don't have to spend a million, but buy something that's not a no-name rubber band. I'm not exactly a fan of Cooper, but the Cobra is a fair bit better than those tires and the best in this price range.




Discount Tire has free shipping, so you just need to find a local shop to mount and balance them. Alternatively, you can use this pricing to negotiate a better price at your local tire shop that sells Cooper.




They also have stores in your area, but the prices are higher... weird....



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Maybe a year or two ago, I was looking for new tires for my Wife's Honda Accord, I searched the Internet for the very best price I could find on a new set of 4, ( read that cheapest ) and the local Firestone dealer had the very same Primewell brand tires you're looking at. I bought them. What a mistake! I've appologised to my wife many times for buying them. The tires run noisy. Ever been next to an off-road truck, or jeep, with knobby tires that roar like an audio-tach? Those Primewell tires do the same .


Lesson learned.....I wouldn't buy cheap tires for my Mach 1, I can't justify why I did so for my Wife's car, save for maybe cash was tight that month, but that won't happen ever again. Buy the best you can afford, but don't buy those Primewell pieces of dog waste.

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I have been very happy with my Firestone RADIAL wide ovals. They look like the old bias ply firestone wide ovals. They are pricey, but if you want a high quality tire with a factory look they are worth the extra bucks.

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