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Digital Dakota gauges


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I’ll be looking at putting these gauges in my 72. 




My question, what can I use for the centre?  What have people done out there? The dakota gauges seem to have all the gauges in there so I want to do something with the three remaining in the centre of the dash.

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Just installed the Dakota Digital set you reference. As my dash parts were fairly worn (chrome especially) I bought all new repro stuff from Don at OMS and eliminated the three gauges. Nice stuff.



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Yeh I thought of that but I also but a new ACP centre bezel with the three gauges I purchased a while back. I think I’d like to be creative and do something with them or copy an idea if someone has had the same issue.

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You can get the digital gauges individually



These are universal 2-1/16".



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

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