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floor mats

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So there seem to be 2 available patterns for floor mats for a mach, one has a notch on the top left of the drivers side, a hard angle to the left on the passengers and more rounded corners on the rear, the other has an out turn on the drivers, no angle on the passengers but a notch, and more square rears. Are these actually automatic vs manual floor mats? Design style differences? If so do you have them and what actually fits well.


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ok I'm a dummy, and didn't see the original thread, but its still a valid question because of the different cuts of the rear mats since neither match factory rubber mats. And i know it says convertible but after everything with one of these, I don't trust anyone unless they have one to say yeah that fits. Hell I still cant keep the trunk open even though I've tried 4 sets of "correct" springs. And I don't even have a spoiler.

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I got a set of those, but I sure don’t remember them coming in different versions like that. Mine are like the one without the cutout on the side. I have an automatic transmission but I really don’t know why there’s a difference.

Anyway I really like them and they are holding up pretty well.

John - 72 Q Code

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The convertible footwell is narrower due to the inner rocker, so it would make sense if they are a different width, but I cannot explain the notch.


I have the M1 Sports interior carpet with the rubber inserts, so I don't use anything else as they would have nothing to grip on and will get stuck under the brake or clutch pedal.



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libram, Ford did not offer different floor mats for the vert vs coupe/sportsroof models or A/T vs M/T equipped cars. Ford offered the same rubber floor mats from the cars actually built in 1964 thru 1973.

If we are talking about the same thing, the cut out notch in the upper left of the driver mat was intended to give the floor mounted  headlight dimmer switch some clearance room so the mat would not interfere with the switches operation. The angle to the left on the passenger mat was Fords way of allowing the mat to lay flat as it went up the rising floor without having to notch the mat as you see in a lot of  the aftermarket mats. It also looked better and gave a more "Dressed" look on the cars without consoles.  

The rear mats are probably like you said, just some styling  effects done by whatever factory in China that is shipping these mats out by the boatload!!  

 I used the rubber floor mats in my Mach1 with the Sport interior group, but I was using the original Ford C5ZZ mats which were much heavier mats than what you get now. I also had a velcro fastening system for "Just in Case". I had a C6 and a 4sp car and they worked fine on both cars. Made cleaning the floor a little easier with removable mats in case I happened to get anything like mud inside. (These were daily drivers then)!     :)  






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