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window adjustment

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Hey guys,

My Driver Side front Window on my convertible is off a little and hits the weatherstrip of my rear window & top weatherstrip when I roll it up. Is there a way I can adjust the glass so it goes up like normal & does not interfere?

I'm also thinking about putting after market power window unit where the switch for all 4 would be installed on the center console on the slanted part between the ARM rest lid & ashtray. Any suggestions? After that I may get the after market but almost original sanden ac unit installed. Has anyone done either one of these upgrades?

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds like either the front upper window stop or the rear upper window stop is out of adjustment. if the fron upper window stop is out of adjustment, that will allow the front of the window to travel further while kicking the rear edge of the window backward. How does the front of the window align with the weatherstrip? If it aligns correctly, it may be the rear upper window stop needs adjusted up.






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My drivers window and qtr window are off a little bit too. Adjusting is on my list of to-do's!

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What could happen is or the stop bumper mounted on the door is off its place or the plastic kinda cilindrical piece that is mounted on the glass broke... This plastic thing is what stop against the bumper mounted on the door and sometimes, they break causing the stop point change...


I believe this windows only regulate by this stops so the best thing to do is to take the trim panel off and check what´s happening down there... In any case, it is an easy to solve problem, even if the plastic thing is broke... You can easily figure something out to replace that... home made things are welcome here :P


What i recomend is to solve this issue and make sure the system is working propperly before installing the power window system


Hope it helps!

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There are adjustments fore and aft, in and out as well as the stops. It takes patience but I got mine to be relatively leak free. Make sure it's the side window not the quarter window that's off.

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