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Driver side mirror

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Posted same question in my build thread 2 days ago...

I was told that Ford used to provide a drilling guide+how to with the knob.

Mine is broken and is basically just a tiny plug. Ordered a repro but no guide came with it.

So I guess I'll have to make one.


On the pict I see you have the old knob still in place, you could may be secure it in a vice while drilling on the other side?

That way it would not turn and you should be able to drill it out.


There are also bits available made to remove old broken studs using reverse rotation, but I don't know if they exist in this tiny size.

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mine has the same mirror and it is threaded.. std right hand thread. i advise putting some penetrating oil on it first. my knob was broken so i had to drill and re-thread it. the new replacement knob was threaded too.

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I just copied and pasted this from Fabrice's build thread (post #163):


Here are some basic instructions



In addition to what the article recommends left-hand (reversed) drill bits can bite in enough to remove them



There are also mini-screw extractors




“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

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Did you soak it with penetrating oil for a couple of days before trying to unscrew it? We're you able to get a good enough grip on the base?


It's possible the knob doesn't screw into (or out of) the OEMs. See this thread:




“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

--Albert Einstein


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Here are the Ford instructions to drill out and replace the knob. It has details on drill bit size and hole depth etc. if you have a broken adjustment knob on you LH remote mirror, you can drill out the old broken shaft and get a repro or look for the Ford repair and replacement mirror knob kit (D6AZ-17B718-A).



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