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71-73 2019 MCA Judging Rules


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I have attached the 2019 revision to the 71-73 MCA Judging Rules.  The only highlighted changes noted were in Exhaust, Tires, and Paint.  I will review more thoroughly against the last posted rules for 2017 to see if I can identify any other changes. 




Hi from Heidelberg,


i read just this in the 71-73 MCA Judging Rules:

4. Undercarriage

j. Exhaust System

2v engine has single exhaust


But i read here:


Under the Point "Parts Prices"

Exhaust System, dual -- $ 225


My opinian was the dual exhaust a official accassory.


Or not  :huh:  :chin:  


Greetings from Germany



The later you brake the longer you're fast. ::devil::


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Duck, there was not an option for a production installed dual exhaust or an over the counter accessory dual exhaust for the 71-73 Mustangs. Ford offered a dual exhaust kit available through the Dealer parts dept for the 65-69 Mustangs with the 289/302 only. Production installed dual exhaust for the 71-73's was only available with the 4bl versions of the 351 and 429 engines.

The parts prices shown in the Hemmings article are average aftermarket Prices in 2011 when the article was written. Before the Ford parts were discontinued in the 80's, a typical replacement cost for a inlet (H) pipe, two mufflers, two chrome tips and miscellaneous hardware for a 72 Q Mach 1  would be close to  $400.00



No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

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